Q: "Leaguer" in Cooper's title?

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>Ah! I think you dropped a word:
>  - Doesn't the subtitle just **mean** "The Siege of Boston"?
>The  lists and describes the
># 1825 Lionel Lincoln; or, The Leaguer of Boston. 1775-81: Boston under
>British occupation; the Battle of Bunker Hill.

Of course, the James Fenimore Cooper Society is (in my opinion) wrong
-- the dates should be 1775-1776 -- the tale ends (except for a page
of wrapping up and the disposal of all the principal characters to
their graves) with the evacuation of Boston by the British, on March
17 -- celebrated to this day as a holiday, known as Evacuation Day,
by the 20th and 21st century descendants of the patriots of the
Province of the Massachusetts Bay -- er, actually by only those of
Suffolk Country, whose day off is resented by many inhabitants of the
other settlements of the surrounding country but still preserved by
the wisdom of the Great and General Court, having so acted this past
week during its current session


>So that does indeed seem to be the setting.
>m a m
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> > Doesn't the subtitle just "The Siege of Boston"?  That does seem to be the
> > setting.
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