"prostitude" = giggolo

Laurence Horn laurence.horn at YALE.EDU
Tue Mar 30 15:54:48 UTC 2010

At 10:16 AM -0400 3/28/10, Amy West wrote:
>Spotted this in a wire story in the Boston Globe on Saturday:
>Brothel owner Jim Davis said yesterday that the Shady Lady Ranch had
>parted ways with the "prostitude'' who worked under the name Markus.
>Why the new for a new coinage? And is it just me, or do others think
>that this blend should be "prostidude"?
>---Amy West

And it now is.  At least on this morning's Mike and Mike show on ESPN
radio, the first News of the Weird segment involved our friend Markus
(who has evidently now returned to his day job in porn). He was
referred to once as a gigolo and three times by one of the Mikes
(Golic, I believe) as a "prostidude", not a "prostitude".  (Amy,
however, was not cited as an authority.)


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