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>> Now that I have a new hobby (for which read obsession), to wit,
>> fooling-around-with-the-online-OED-when-I-ought-to-be-working-which-is-what-I-actually-get-paid-for,
>> I see that the OED lists neither "Scotch verdict" nor "Scottish
>> verdict" nor "bastard verdict." I want my money back. Just kidding.
>> How do you guys ever get any work done with the OED only a click away?
>> But, Â wait, I forgot that fooling around with the OED is what you get
>> paid for.

> "However, Paul is way wrong in supposing that a lot of people on this list get paid for fooling around with the OED."
> Some of us suspect:
> 1) People on this list get paid.
> 2) People on this list spend their time fooling with the OED and looking for Google hits.
> 3) The boss hasn't caught on, yet.
> GAT (safely retired)
> George A. Thompson

I made a lame joke. But my lame joke wasn't poking fun at professional
or amateur lexicographers (or professional linguists, for that
matter). It was merely an acknowledgement that lexicography is a
profession that is not only a paid occupation, like all professions,
but that is evidently also a hell of lot of fun. As much as I enjoy
translation, I think I would have enjoyed lexicography more. Nor was I
assuming that more than one or two people on this list work for the


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