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At 11/3/2010 10:22 AM, Laurence Horn wrote:
>At 6:53 AM -0700 11/3/10, geoffrey nunberg wrote:
>>"He [Renteria] told Andres [Torres] he was going to hit one and he
>>did it," outfielder Aaron Rowand said. "He Babe Ruth-ed it, I guess."
>--a reference not to how deep or high the home run went (although
>that's the usual sense of "a Ruthian blast") but to the fact (or at
>least the "fact") that Babe Ruth called his shot in a World Series
>game (in the 1930s) against the Cubs by pointing to the spot where he
>would hit a ball (which, for the record, Renteria didn't do) and then
>hitting it there.

Isn't part of the story also that Ruth said something?  That would
make Renteria's act a "half Babe Ruthed-it".


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