And in (additional) honor of the Giants' World Series win...

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Hear, hear!

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> Wilson,
> You gotta write a book, or a series of books. Get yourself an assistant,
> secretary, editor, typist, stenographer or whatever is needed, and start
> about 60 years ago or so and just keep talking and writing. What you have
> to say needs to be preserved for posterity. Seriously, not kidding, get it
> done, and I bet you can get a lot of any kind of support you need for this
> (editorial, publishing) from this list.
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> Subject: Re: And in (additional) honor of the Giants' World Series win...
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> On Thu, Nov 4, 2010 at 3:42 PM, Jonathan Lighter <wuxxmupp2000 at>
> wrote:
>> _Thirty Seconds over Tokyo_ (1944).
> During The War, the less well-known _China's Little Devils_ (1945),
> together with _Crash Dive_ (1943) and _God Is My Co-Pilot_ (1945),
> were movies that I considered to be the most inspirational that I'd
> ever seen. Of course, at the time, I was a mere tyke six-to-eight
> years old.
> Odd fact: down in Texas, it was said that the good Chinese could
> easily be distinguished from the bad Japanese by the fact that Chinese
> eyes slanted upward, whereas Japanese eyes slitted horizontally. In
> like manner, the Germans were said to have ordinary Afro-European
> round eyes, whereas the EYE-talians (it was not common knowledge that
> EYE-talians were also European) had eyes that slanted downward, the
> mirror-image of Chinese eyes.
> There was also a word, "Japtalian," whose meaning and application I've
> now forgotten. (Ha! And y'all thought it wasn't *nothing* that I ever
> forgot!) After wandering through my memory palace, the best that I can
> come up with is that it may have been applied to any random person of
> unknown ancestry, it being the case that the population of Marshall,
> TX, consisted solely of blacks, whites, "Jews" (in quotes, because we
> black folk couldn't wrap our minds around the fact that white folk
> divided the uniform - to us - white world into "white folk" and
> "Jews") and "Mexicans" (in quotes because, of course, Texas was Mexico
> before it was "Texas").
> "Mexican" _tamaleros_ wandered freely throughout the 'hood, selling
> Tex-Mex comfort-food. Apparently, this was a quite-widespread custom.
> My favorite Los Angeles taqueria was run by a black Texan. The joint
> was called "El Taqueria Hoggly-Woggly." Fellow Southrons will
> appreciate the pun. The best _tamal_ that I've ever tasted was bought
> from a black-Texan _tamalero_ in Saint Louis.
> (I'm assuming that they learned the art of Mexican cuisine from the
> _tamaleros_ of their 'hoods back in Texas.)
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> -Wilson
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> All say, "How hard it is that we have to die!"ââ,¬â?oââ,¬â?oa strange
> complaint to
> come from the mouths of people who have had to live.
> ââ,¬â?oMark Twain
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