George Mason University has bought a Vocabula Review site license

Fri Nov 5 17:42:39 UTC 2010

        In addition to these points, with which I agree, I think that
there is a clear difference between Mr. Fiske's usual posts, announcing
new issues of Vocabula, and this post, which can have no purpose other
than puffery.  I would not object to (in fact, generally I would
welcome) a listmember's post announcing the publication of a book or the
existence of a website or blog by that listmember.  I would find it
objectionable if the same listmember subsequently posted that the book,
website, or blog received a good review, unless there were some
additional matter of interest in the post or review.

John Baker

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Jesse Sheidlower wrote:

> The fact that Mr. Fiske does not otherwise contribute to the list, and
> that his views are opposed to those of most list members, might be the
> main issue here.

It isn't for me. Please take it that my objection is exactly as I

> Since the quantity of such messages is not overwhelming (and they
> be easily filtered out), and, as is usual, all recent such messages
> already been overwhelmed by this very discussion about them, I'd say
> that we should just accept the occasional one and move on.

It's good to discuss such matters from time to time, even if only to re-
establish the ground rules. I would argue that Mr Fiske ought to have
wrist figuratively slapped, even if gently. And the volume of discussion
on a topic can be a good marker of the level of interest.

Michael Quinion
Editor, World Wide Words

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