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On 11/7/10 6:19 PM, George Thompson wrote:
>> From a bird-watchers' group:
> "First, three racoons suddeny crossed out back within the stone wall.  The dogs were inside but gave- what's that fox hunting term?  Voice?   Scared the begibees out of the poor racoons, who hastily climbed trees and didn't descend until the dogs and I were long gone."
> I know "bejesus", which fits here, and "heebie-jeebies", thanks to Louis Armstrong -- is this meld widespread?

I believe I have seen/heard "bejebus" (or "bejeebus"), if it helps the
googling. (Yep...31,000+ hits for "scare the bejeebus", though Google
helpfully suggests "bejeebers" as well.)

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