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It is most accurate to say that the earth-moon system and the sun orbit
each other around a point which is near the center of the sun, so near
that we may consider it to be the center of the sun for most purposes.

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> Jonathan Lighter wrote:
> >>
> >>The show featured a commercial for something expensive whose score
> >>a guy crooning, "You got me circling like the moon around the sun!"
> Laurence Horn:
> > Maybe meaning 'not circling at all', like "ad kalendas Graecas" or
> > "till the twelfth of Never"?  Naaaah.
> Below is a question from the textbook "Physics, classical and modern":
> The magnitude of the force on the moon due to the sun is more than
> twice the magnitude of the force on the moon due to the earth. Would
> it be more accurate to say that the moon orbits the sun rather than
> the moon orbits the earth?
> r
> I do not know if astronomical nomenclature dictates an answer. With
> multiple objects the simple notion of "orbit" breaks down from my
> non-astronomer layperson perspective.
> "You got me circling like the moon around the sun!"
> There is a possible generous interpretation: You have me so
> dumbfounded that I am circling around you with a wobbling orbit as if
> I have a large companion object.
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