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>On Tue, Oct 26, 2010 at 3:31 PM, Joel S. Berson <Berson at att.net> wrote:
> > Don't we all think that the OED should include as one of its
> > quotations for "cut", v., sense 33, the following?
> >
> > 'Certainly not,' the Red Queen said, very decidedly: 'it isn't etiquette
> > to_ cut_ any one you've been introduced to.
>Well, FWIW, I do. _Cut_, in the sense, "blow someone off, shine
>someone on, [give someone the] cold(-)shoulder, ig[nore] someone,"
>etc. has been around for dekkids. Joel's cite is clear evidence of
>BTW, I'm almost as surprised that this particular sense of _cut_ goes
>back at least as far as Lewis Carroll

A bit longer, Wilson:

1634 S. R. Noble Soldier II. i, Why shud a Souldier..Be cut thus
by..a Courtier? 1786 G. COLMAN in Europ. Mag. IX. 370 Some bow, some
nod, some cut him. 1796 JANE AUSTEN Sense & Sens. xliv. (D.), He had
cut me ever since my marriage. 1822 HAZLITT Table-t. II. viii. 188 To
cut an acquaintance..has hardly yet escaped out of the limits of
slang phraseology. 1826 DISRAELI Viv. Grey I. iv, Any fellow
voluntarily conversing with an usher was to be cut dead by the whole school.


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