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> It is my impression that the term "shooting beaver" could also (by a
sort of
> projection?) refer to the lascivious glimpsing of accidentally exposed
> crotches ("beavers")--as when a woman is seen sitting carelessly in a
dress or
> skirt.  A common regional variant (in eastern Texas in the 1960s) was
> "shooting squirrel."

My father (b. 1939 in middle TN) mentioned the phrase once to me in this
context.  He spied a girl in his high school with a skirt and no
panties, and he pointed his finger at it (as if cocking a gun).  She
caught him at it and gave him the middle finger.  He shot her beaver,
and she shot him a bird.  So the phrase had some currency in the
mid-late 1950s.
Classification: UNCLASSIFIED
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