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Ronald Butters ronbutters at AOL.COM
Wed Nov 10 16:07:30 UTC 2010

Or maybe it was never so described at all?

If all the heterosexual and bisexual males on this list-serv now contribute their memories and associations with someone having seen glimpses of uncovered female crotches in public places, members (no pun intended) will have to spend even more time than usual deleting the tedious messages.

On Nov 10, 2010, at 9:48 AM, Laurence Horn wrote:

> At 8:34 AM -0500 11/10/10, Jonathan Lighter wrote:
>> Former Yankee pitcher Jim Bouton achieved a _success de scandale_ in 1969-70
>> when he reported in his memoir, _Ball Four_, that certain Yankee greats
>> would prowl under the stands trying to "shoot beaver."
>> HDAS has 1974 for female "shooters," 1969 for the male kind.
>> JL
> I associate it with the scene in "Basic Instinct", a movie about 20
> years old (and hence a classic of the silver screen) in which murder
> suspect Sharon Stone, in a short white dress, uncrosses her legs
> across from her interrogator Michael Douglas.  Can't recall if she
> was described as shooting beaver at the time, or only afterward.
> LH

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