RE "Shoot beaver"?

Arnold Zwicky zwicky at STANFORD.EDU
Fri Nov 12 00:52:54 UTC 2010

On Nov 11, 2010, at 11:18 AM, Wilson Gray wrote:

> ... Even under the best of circumstances, it's unlikely
> that the "top cream," as we say in (some parts of?) East Texas, of the
> field would ever post their works-in-progress to a listserv in order
> to sollicit the random opinions of the field's hoi polloi, as opposed
> to consulting personally with friends and colleagues who are their
> fellow-specialists in a given niche in the broader field of
> elephantology, as they do now.

i, for one, have fairly often done exactly that, and then given ADS-L and its participants credit in the result. it's gotten harder and harder to do, sadly.


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