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Eric Nielsen ericbarnak at GMAIL.COM
Fri Nov 12 11:08:25 UTC 2010

I apologize for any past impertinence on my part, but-while we are
discussing ways to improve the list-I would like to add:

This has probably been brought up before, but one major way to cut down on
bytes used is to shave off unneccessary text in replies. It can be very hard
to navigate through pages that repeat the text of all the previous replies.
It may take a little time on the poster's part, but it would save memory and
make the list more readable if the delete command was used more. This issue
has been brought up on other lists I belong to and is not a  problem unique
to this list.


On Thu, Nov 11, 2010 at 10:18 AM, Ronald Butters <ronbutters at> wrote:

> At heart, I'm asking for politeness and consideration and a recognition
> that ADS-L is public space, sponsored by the American Dialect Society (which
> is, I assume, paying the bill to keep it running and, moreover to store
> FOREVER everything that is posted here).

The American Dialect Society -

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