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1990 -- homing in on Wilson's dating!

I assume my 1993 quotation involves the same salt-lick as Ben's more
specific descriptions.  But perhaps someone should find out what
happened after "She leaned against the bar ..." -- was the tequila
poured on Iona's freckles?  That would be an expansion of the definition.

And, Ben, what about "belly shots" before 1993?


At 11/16/2010 11:03 AM, Ben Zimmer wrote:
>On Tue, Nov 16, 2010 at 9:48 AM, Joel S. Berson wrote:
> >
> > "Body shots"
> >
> > 1993, Bruce Craven, _Fast Sofa_.  Then Iona Agave refilled his glass
> > with tequila. A wedge of lime and a bubbly gold schooner of draft
> > already in front of him. Rick looked at the freckles on lona Agave's
> > chest. "Have you ever done body shots?" She leaned against the bar
> > ... .  [Snippet]
>1990 _San Diego Union-Tribune_ 13 Oct. B1 (Factiva) Debbie Murphy is
>explaining "body shots": Your boyfriend holds in his mouth a quartered
>lime, cut side out; you lick his shoulder, sprinkle salt on it, lick
>the salt, knock back a shot of tequila and -- of course -- bite the
>1992 _Star-Tribune_ 1 Mar. 3B (Factiva) They were taking tequila "body
>shots" off each other's neck... As Polister explains it, that's a
>process that begins with moistening someone's neck with a lime and
>then adding salt to the limed area. One licks the salt off the
>friendly neck, while holding a lime in one's mouth, and then takes a
>swig of tequila.
>1992 _Orange County Register_ 18 July B1 (Factiva) She also charged
>that he used her for a "body shot" at an Irvine bar. She described him
>drinking a shot of tequila, then licking salt off her neck and trying
>to suck a lime from her mouth.
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