"I'm not a doctor but I play one on TV"

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>_LA Times_, 4/1/1985 Sec 6 p 1 [ProQuest]
>"Though he will be able to continue on "General Hospital," he has been
>removed from the viewers' eyes in at least one regard: The maker of
>Vicks 44 cough medicine yanked the commercial in which Robinson says,
>"I'm not a doctor, but I play a doctor on TV. . . ." "
>[Referring to actor Chris Robinson, who had played Dr. Rick Webber on
>"General Hospital", but got in trouble for evading taxes.  He kept the
>GH gig but lost the Vicks commercial.]

Because the "doctor" reference was considered improper, or because he
was an income tax evader?  (I'd like to think the former.)


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