upcoming snowclone alert

James Harbeck jharbeck at SYMPATICO.CA
Thu Nov 18 23:12:13 UTC 2010

>  >
>>  Assuming its popularity is sufficiently widespread, expect to see a
>>  little fad for "tons of... fuckin' X" come and go.
>Is this really a snowclone? Given the workaday use of both "tons of" and
>"fucking" as intensifying modifiers, this doesn't seem like a snowclone
>to me any more than "a lot of [insert size] X" would be.

The point is that it will be used as carrying a specific reference to
that instance of usage. People will be using "tons of fuckin' X" with
the expectation that you know it's a reference to that video. Does
that not meet the requirement?

James Harbeck.

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