"track record"

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This seems a step closer to the modern meaning. A man with no track
record hasn't accomplished anything.

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> http://goo.gl/IpcYR
> Outing. Vol. 10:2. May 1887
> Answers to Correspondents. p. 193
>> /G. A. Loomis, Andover, Mass./--Will you kindly inform me through the
>> columns of your magazine what distinction Will S. Maltby has attained
>> as a bicyclist ? W. S. Maltby is a trick bicyclist, a rink excibitor,
>> and by competent judges is considered in the first rank of the /fancy
>> riding/ wheelmen, although not the best man in the business. He is now
>> in the West, has no track record, and is a professional, making his
>> living by his fancy riding.

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