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_Milwaukee [WI] Sentinel_ 12/6/1891, p 10 col 1 [Gale 19th Cent

"For instance, the receiver's sounder will tick out the letters
"scotus."  There is no meaning in this combination of letters, but the
operator gets a hustle upon himself as soon as he hears it and writes
down, "the Supreme court of the United states." "

_Charlotte [NC] Observer_ 10/18/1892 p 1 col 4 [GenealogyBank]

"The case then came to Scotus.  The case was argued last Tuesday."

> A slightly earlier cite is found at America's GenealogyBank.
> 14 April 1895, _Birmingham(AL) Age-Herald_ 21/3
> Talking about the United Press "code" in use for about seven years on
> telegraph-to-newspaper circuit.
> "In addition the more frequent phrases are skeletonized to the limit
> safety.  "Scotus" is "supreme court of the United States;" "potus,"
> "president of the United States;"
Classification: UNCLASSIFIED
Caveats: NONE

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