Most Notable Quotations of 2010 (UNCLASSIFIED)

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It appears that some have forgotten that the teabaggers started out calling
themselves teabaggers and that, indeed, that was a matter of some amusement
for those others who think teabaggers are lacking a few neurons anyway and,
yes, it continues in use as a reminder of how bumpkinish they seem to be in
manifesting their ridiculousness and, for sure, one is really not interested
in any discourse with them whatsoever so, therefore, to use their own,
original, stupid term dismissively - and thus signal such lack of interest
in discourse - seems appropriate.

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> Teabaggers insist on the constitution when it comes to guns, and want
> throw it all out when comes to religion, civil rights and anything
else they
> disagree with. And so it goes.

Anyone who refers to those who believe differently than they do in a
political debate by offensive sexual terms is announcing up front that
they don't want to have discourse, but would rather immediately dismiss
the opponent (and their arguments).
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