griffin 2 (new arrival) antedated (?) to 1791

Stephen Goranson goranson at DUKE.EDU
Wed Nov 24 18:26:22 UTC 2010

And, a year earlier:
Madras Courier, Volume 6 - 1790 - Issue 250
Wednesday the. 21st July, 1790, p. [4] col. 1

 FORTH from the Fort beyond the whirl-
                    ing sands,
Full many a House of recreation stands,
Whose open door, and fairly-lettered sign,
Invite the stranger—enter here and dine—
The obsequious Landlord welcomes each on
In studied phrase, to thousands used before,
" Here bring his honor's Trunk and cott this
"The weather's cursed hot?—A smoaking
Whilst honest Sawmy, master's head Du-
Secures his Keys, his Cloaths-bag, and his
And like a prudent, wary, knowing els,
Endeavours none shall rob him—but him.
The waiter speaks of Tippoo and the news,
The Adria Carrah wipes his dusty shoes—
And gives a hint, his honor quickly seizes,
He'll get for master—e'en what master
Mean while mine Host retires to cook a
          Tiffin [the scan has Tissin]
With his remark—" O, Damme what a
          griffin !.....

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