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Classification: UNCLASSIFIED
Caveats: NONE

"Dog and Pony show" n. literal; OED sense 1. OED has 1914

_Atchison Daily Globe_ Oct 19 1885 p 3 col 1
"Prof. Morris' dog and pony show, is billed in Atchison for Wednesday

Figurative OED sense 2.a OED has 1953

"Mary Worth" daily newspaper comic strip July 25, 1948
"The office sent me out to take over the press agentry on this dog and
pony show!"

_New York Times_ May 19, 1949;  pg. L 47 col 1
"Dr. W. Y. Elliot of Harvard University told the bankers that "the
present Russian peace offensive, which has been launched through the
sponsorship of many misguided intellectuals, by what looked like trained
dog and pony shows, not only in Paris but in this country, is dangerous
if it misleads American opinion." "

Figurative OED sense 2.b. (briefing, or sales presentation) OED has 1976

_Los Angeles Times_; Mar 6, 1966; sec G col 1
"To the credit of Air Force planners -- some of whom scoff at NASA
information efforts as "dog and pony shows," an effort was made to
establish a sensible public information policy for MOL."

_New York Times_; Oct 4, 1967; pg. 75 col 2
"Mr. Ally said his agency does not do speculative presentations either.
They will sit down with a prospective client, however, and talk about
the agency and the client's problems.  "But the dog and pony show we
will not do." "

Classification: UNCLASSIFIED
Caveats: NONE

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