Fwd: Bartism and Lisanity

Joel S. Berson Berson at ATT.NET
Mon Nov 29 22:00:59 UTC 2010

A book indexer wrote today:
>An example in the book I'm working on references two deities, Bart and Lisa,
>as an explanation of divine command theory.  People believe in either
>Bartism or Lisanity and act accordingly, blah blah blah.

      "Bartism" can be found Googling.  One site says "Bartism was
founded to highlight a problem in many "religiously tolerant"
societies where religious beliefs are tolerated more than opinions
with no religious backing.
      Bartism is a religion based on the teachings of Bart Simpson.
Its fundamental belief system stems from his "Do what you feel like" attitude."
      [And more.]

"Lisanity" is less present in Google, and I did not quickly see a
definition.  Both terms have not yet arrived at Wikipedia or urbandictionary.


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