What are "(silk) rases"?

Joel S. Berson Berson at ATT.NET
Tue Oct 5 17:57:32 UTC 2010

In 1639 the Great and General Court of Massachusetts prohibited the
wearing of the superfluities of "immoderate great breches, knots of
ryban, broad shoulder bands, & rayles, silk rases, double ruffes, &
cuffes, &c".

What are "(silk)rases"?  I don't see anything in the OED, and Google
gives me back mostly this same text.

Google does, however, have from allegedly 1998 "Her blonde locks are
adorned with pink silk rases," and from allegedly 1983 "... silk
rases [a type of fabric]" in reference to this law (a Snippet).

Is there more somewhere about "rase" as a type of silk fabric?


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