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It ain't the squirrels, it's the rabbits you gotta watch out for.

Ever see _Night of the Lepus_?


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> On Wed, Oct 6, 2010 at 10:06 PM, Herb Stahlke <hfwstahlke at>
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> > I remember a teacher in the third grade in Waltz, MI, 25 miles S of
> > Detroit, telling us the hog, log, fog, and dog should all be
> > pronounced with the vowel of "cot." Â  We knew better.
> >
> Though, clearly, I don't agree with your every post, Herb, in this
> case I am definitely backing your play! The summer that I was at UMI,
> I was chatting with a local about East Texas, where, AFAIK, there are
> no squirrels. I noted that, since I'd had only nursery-book
> picturizations to go by, I was really surprised to see how small
> squirrels really were. I'd been under the impression that squirrels
> were as big as [gesture] that.
> The Michigander exclaimed, "Why, that would be as big as a daahg!"
> My guess, that animal must have been pretty near to a daowg in size. ;-)
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