"staking" = 'a wager' (not in OED?)

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Fri Oct 29 18:20:51 UTC 2010

Is "staking" (noun) = 'a wager' not in the OED?  See "stake, v.3".

This Arbour or Play house is made of long poles set in the earth,
foure square, sixteen or twentie foot high, on which they hang great
store of their stringed money, have great stakings, towne against
towne, and two chosen out of the rest by course to play the Game at
this kind of Dice in the midst of all their Abettors, with great
shouting and solemnity; beside, they have great meetings of foot-ball
playing, only in Summer, towne against towne, upon some broad sandy
shoare, free from stones, or upon some soft heathie plot because of
their naked feet at which they have great stakings, but seldom quarrell.

(While in the first game the "stakings" might be confused with the
poles, I don't think they can in the second game, football.)

Roger Williams
A Key into the Language of America
[Accessible in EEBO.]

Page 179
Edition I've cited:  Bedford, MA : Applewood Books, 1997.  [Google
Books, Full view; but puzzlingly to me, not downloadable as a PDF.]


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