fling poo

Jonathan Lighter wuxxmupp2000 at GMAIL.COM
Sat Oct 30 19:45:33 UTC 2010

Astute political commentator on NPR today: "He just wants to hit 'delete'
and fling his poo."

Maybe, but I get 654,000 raw Google hits on "fling * poo."

OED has _poo_ only from 1960 (under _pooh_ for some reason), but this was
our usual childhood term. My grandmother used it exclusively.  In fact, my
second-grade class was part delighted, part repelled by the very concept of
"Winnie the Pooh."  And the "House at Pooh Corner'!  Wow!

(I was merely puzzled. That's why I'm here and they're probably retired in
the Hamptons. But I never heard of anybody "flinging poo" till recently -
not even politicians.)

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