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74. August 31, 2010 1:03 pm
Bed bugs is TWO words – not one. The general rule for writing out
common names of insects is as follows. If the insect name is a
misnomer (e.g., the dragonfly is NOT a fly and neither is a
damselfly), then the whole name is written as one word. If it is not a
misnomer, then it is written as two words (e.g., house fly, which is a
real fly). The bed bug is a “true” bug and therefore is two words.
— Srini




Good luck

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> It is or was the last comment on p.4 of the comments. There's an
> earlier instance to which the NYT replies that it used the Webster's
> New World Collegiate as its authority and notes that other comments
> making the same complaint have been received.
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