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Wasn't to hard to spot, was it?

Looks like OED needs another _hermeneut_ cite. Now where did I put mine? (I
just looked it up this morning.)

Oh, well. GB claims to find 19,500 exx. in a fraction of second.  One guy
writes in 2002 of putting Derrida "in the position of the Most High
Hermeneut who holds the master key that unlocks the conundrums of negative


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> At 3:11 PM -0400 9/29/10, Jonathan Lighter wrote:
> >"Obs."?  Evidently not:
> >
> >2008 Dennis Ford _The Search for Meaning_ (Berkeley: U. of C. P.) 15:
> >Conformity and authoritarianism are thus collective strategies for
> relieving
> >the anxiety that absolute freedom elicits. We willingly exchange our
> anxiety
> >and freedom for compulsive activity and the answers provided by others.
> >Conformity to the cultural norms...protects us.
> >
> >Prof. Ford earned his Ph.D. in religion from Syracuse University.
> >
> >
> >Can you find the error in the OED's entry on "hermeneut"
> >
> If I am correctly deconstructing the query, is it the fact that the
> "hermeneutics" cite (comprising 50% of the record for "hermeneut")
> has apparently wandered in from another entry, since the 1972 quote
> has nothing to do with the search for an interpreter?
> Maybe it could be replaced with one alluding to the fact that because
> of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" based dismissals, the U. S. military is in
> dire need of a few good Arabic hermeneuts, although hermaphroditic
> hermeneuts need not apply.
> LH
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