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There is an adjective and a noun entry in the OED. The adjective is only "Of
or pertaining to Freud or his teaching." There is also "Freudian slip" under
compounds, but no figurative/ironic sense of Freudian.


> Moreover, "fascinating new phrases like 'it's so Freudian' ... are on
> everyone's lips" (8) and indeed, Lestat's life story, beginning with "his
> great and unshakable love" for his mother, Gabrielle, is so "Freudian" that
> one hardly needs to tease out the repressed content (30).
p. 79
New York Magazine. Oct 15, 1984
Colin Gregg's direction is carefully measured and unobtrusive; he is
brooding, too, about art and family life, philosophy and love, the
lighthouse (so male, so phallic, so Freudian) and the sea (rhythmic waves,

Certainly, substitution of "Freudian" for "phallic" is quite common.


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