Q: [Ho?]ly {T?]umpin[s?]

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"Holy jumpin' ----" appears in various American exclamatory oaths.  Maybe
"The Holy Jumpin'" is a humorous allusion to God.


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> In an EAN article with rude type, I read,as best I can make out, in a
> description of Christmas/New Year's celebrations:
> "... The stuck up folks who tried to break up the custom of visiting
> ... hauled in their horns this year, and were glad enough to do as
> other folks, and as you see they kept themselves out of hot water[.]
> I guess they'd have got a serrynadin from the [Ho?]ly {T?]umpin[s?]
> if they had not conformed to the order of day. One feller told me
> he['] got a tom cat in trainin on purpose; and he could make
> caterwaul a tune like a pianer forty."
>  From the Republican Star and General Advertiser [Easton, Maryland],
> 1832 Jan. 31, 4/1.  [EAN]
> What is [Ho?]ly {T?]umpin[s?] ?
> Thanks, all,
> Joel
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