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Can't find the 1899 cite in the archives.

Taco Salad -- OED has 1964
_Corpus Christi [TX] Times_ 8/9/1956 p 10-B  col 1 [Newspaperarchive]
[display adv] "Avocado Taco Salad"

Taco Sauce -- OED has 1976

_El Paso [TX] Herald-Post_ 4/2/1948 p 11 col 1 [Newspaperarchive]
[display adv] "Taco Sauce 4-Oz. Tin 10¢"

_Los Angeles Times_ 4/19/1951 sec 5 p 6 col 1 [ProQuest Hist News]
[display adv] "La Victoria's Taco Sauce"

_Seattle Daily Times_ 11/5/1953 p 56 col 8 [GenealogyBank]
[display adv] "Ashley's Taco Sauce"

Taco stand -- OED has 1969

Long Beach, CA _Independent_ 12/3/1952 p 9 col 3 [Newspaperarchive]
"The gunman, still jailed, assertedly admitted that on Nov. 20 at gunpoint, he forced William Carl Simmons to hand over $60 from his taco stand at 11656 Paramount Blvd., and that on Nov. 26 he robbed Esther May Ash, a clerk at the Frosty Freeze store, 19645 Center St. of approximately $80."

_Los Angeles Times_ 6/8/1957 p 5 col 3 [ProQuest Hist News]
"The potpourri of presents he received included a wig (he is bald), an Ivy League cap, a potted tree, a three-wheeled taco stand, a giant lollipop, play dolls, a red brick, a big empty carton, a letter girl's sweater, honorary pins and passes, an apron, chess set, a sombrero, and a trayful of banana peels."

_[New Orleans] Times-Picayune_ 10/10/1968 sec 4 p 25 col 2 [GenealogyBank]
"Trini Lopez told me that when he decided to choose music as a life career his mother predicted sadly, "You'll be lucky to end up with a taco stand!" "

Tabasco -- OED has 1652 then jumps to 1876

_[New Orleans] Times-Picayune_ 4/8/1869 p 2 col 3 [GenealogyBank]
"There is a fine display of Tabasco pepper and sauce, grown and prepared by E. McIlhenny, Louisiana, and placed on exhibition by Messrs. W. H. Henning & Co., agents, 95 and 97 Camp street."

Mole -- (chile/chocolate sauce) OED has 1891

San Francisco _Daily Evening Bulletin_ 2/7/1882 p 4 col 4 [Gale 19th cent Newspapers]
"One national dish of which chicken or turkey is the base is called "mole." "

Portland _Morning Oregonian_ 2/9/1890 p 12 col 5 [Gale 19th cent Newspapers]
"At the dinners we have sixteen or eighteen guests, and our menu differs little from others save that we always have two or three Mexican dishes, such as mole with sauce piquant and Chile vellenos." [note:  OED has 1906 for chile rellenos]

Tamales -- OED has 1856 for tamal

_Putnam's Monthly Magazine of American Literature, Science and Art_ Apr 1854, Vol III No. XVI p 377 col 1 [American Periodical Series]
"Boys with unripe melons, sweet potatoes, Cigarritas, eggs, chickens, polonces (sugar in the form of truncated cones about the size of a common tumbler), preserved pumpkin, dried figs, looking and tasting like prunes, tortillas, tamales, &c., &c., and men with the more bulky and substantial products, were rushing into camp, to reap the harvest while it lasts."  [Note:  OED has no entry for "polonce"]

Tortilla chip -- OED has 1938

_Los Angeles Times_ 1/6/1935 p 18  col 1 [ProQuest Hist News]
[display adv] "La Victoria's Taco Sauce"

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> > [In 1914, Bertha Haffner-Ginger, a domestic columnist for the Los Angeles
> Times, included a recipe for tacos dorados as an afterthought to some rather
> impractical instructions for making tortillas at home (Bertha Haffner-Ginger,
> California Mexican-Spanish Cook Book: Selected Mexican and Spanish Recipes
> (1914), 42-45).  In 1929, Ramona’s Spanish-Mexican Cookery, by home
> economist Pauline Wiley Kleeman, juxtaposed plebeian tacos of pork snout,
> ears, and jowls with more upscale cream cheese tacos (Pauline Wiley-Kleeman,
> Ramona’s Spanish-Mexican Cookery: The First Complete and Authentic Spanish-
> Mexican Cookbook in English (Los Angeles: West Coast Pub. Co., 1929),
> 85–86.]
> >
> There's an 1899 example in the L.A. Times that someone posted
> here a few years ago.
> Jesse Sheidlower
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