to switch gears

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The OED does have a definition for "switch gears". It's annexed from
Webster's 3rd New Internat. and embedded in a quotation.

Shift, v
III. 12. e. To change (gear), move (a gear lever). Also intr., to
change from one gear into another; to shift up or down, to engage a
higher or a lower gear. Also fig.

1961 Webster's 3rd New Internat. Dict. Eng. Lang., Shift gears, to
make a change from one method, tempo, or approach to another.

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> Not in OED--the straight meaning is directly derivable, so no need for
> it, but the figurative meaning is not. It means "to change attitude,
> approach, direction [abruptly]; to make a different choice, preference"
> Unabridged is the only one I found to have a definition:

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