Does OED3 not know its nouns from its adjectives?

Joel S. Berson Berson at ATT.NET
Thu Jan 13 15:39:21 UTC 2011

Hovering over the current illustration on the OED's home page -- one
spot will tell you "This month's image: Mad Hatter's tea party" --
brings us some interesting "names" for the characters.

Alice is "Alice", and
The March Hare is "March hare".

Very good.

The teapot is named "Lewis Carroll, creator of Alice, in the Oxford
DNB".  I suppose, if one can be introduced to, but cannot thereafter
cut, the pudding, then a teapot can have a name.

The Mad Hatter is named "mad as a hatter", and
The dormouse is named "sleepy"!

If the last is intended as a noun -- Well, gentlemen, this is
Tenniel, not Walt Disney!


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