"warthog" with glottal stop

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It's glottal stop for me, ~wor'haag.  My history is below in my auto-signature, which I suggest we all do so we know where we're from as a background to opinions.

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> My son Doug and his friend were playing "Halo Reach" yesterday, and kept
> talking about some kind of attack vehicle or robot called a warthog. After
> I'd listened for about half an hour, there was no doubt: They were
> pronouncing "warthog" as [wOr?hag], with /t/ realized as a glottal stop.
> Later I asked to record Doug saying the word, which I'd written out. He
> reproduced the glottal stop pronunciation. As I was about to record my
> pronunciation, for later comparison, he said it again, this time as
> [wOrDag], saying that he alternated between that and the earlier one
> depending on the situation. To me, his second pronunciation sounded even
> weirder, because it sounded like "war dog".
> My pronunciation has intervocalic flap as well as the [h]: [wOrDhag].
> I grew up in Texas; live now in central Ohio, where my sons have lived all
> their life. What pronunciations have you in other regions or walks of life
> heard or used?
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