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At 3:08 PM -0500 1/17/11, Jonathan Lighter wrote:
>Yeah, but Wilson, that sound more like "I work and I work and I work!"
>without the accompanying idea of real effectiveness.

Alternatively, that particular declaration ("I do
and I do and I do") could have come from the
groom at an old-style Mormon wedding ceremony,
albeit on an elliptical reading.


>Shakespeare's witch might have meant that, emphasizing her effort even more
>than the results. But Clinton was emphasizing Holbrooke's effective results.
>The man could do!
>Maybe same dictionary sense, but different nuances.
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>>  > At the memorial service for Richard Holbrooke last week, Pres. Clinton
>>  > observed that "I loved the guy because he could do =97 doing in diplomacy
>>  > saves lives." Â He added, "He could do and do."
>>  >
>>  in her many rants to her ingrate chirn, my mother used to say, more
>>  often than I care to remember, given that ranting about getting no
>>  appreciation was her favorite sport:
>>  "_I do and I do and I do_! And what do I get for it? Nothing! I don't
>>  get NOTHING!" (Mother Dear didn't normally use the double negative in
>>  her speech. She low-classed and hyper-Southernized in her rants in
>>  order to make clear her disrespect for us. After all, as no less a
>>  family-counselor  than God Himself, speaking through William
>>  Shakespeare, His favorite surrogate, once observed,
>>  "How sharper than a serpent's tooth it is, to have a thankless child!")
>>  What she meant by "I do and I do and I do" was something like,
>>  "I am a wonderful mother who, asking nothing in return, does
>>  everything that she can to care for her undeserving, worthless
>>  progeny!"
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