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Tue Jan 18 22:53:01 UTC 2011

Not being on Twitter, I'm apparently about a year behind on
"trash-tweeting." No hits in ADS-L, either, so here's a run-down:
Google returns 8,100 ghits in -ing form, 2,700 in bare form (nominalized
for headlines or infinitives with 'to'), another 2,700 for -s forms, both
verbs and plurals, 68 ghits for past tense, only about half are real.

Urban dictionary entry is a year old:

Searches on Twitter get first hits on Jan 13 of this year, even in
advanced search. Maybe they don't enable searching of something more than
5 days old?

Lexis-Nexis: "Trash Tweet" is a title for a 2009-10-22 USA Today short
sports piece on Chad Ocho trash-talking Jay Cutler through Twitter (byline
Nate Davis). Next appearance is 2009-12-30 in the New York Daily News:
"But that hasn't prevented Ochocinco from running his mouth for most of
the past two days and trash-tweeting with Revis,..."

An iPhone app "NFL Trash Tweets" came on line Dec 9, 2009.

The phrase had another meaning before the "trash-talking" analogy picked
up; it was used to refer to unwanted or useless Tweets:
"Twitter may have lot of trash tweets but still got relevant real time
content whose usefulness search feature can dish out (and hopefully let
Twitter make some money)." Article posted "by Davinder on Wednesday, July
29th, 2009".

--Clai Rice

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