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> Subject: verse
> Has anyone noticed/commented on the increasing sci-fi usage of txting
> style "verse" for "universe"? This appears to be more common in film
> (Chronicles of Riddick) and TV (Firefly) than printed books, but it can
> be found in print too. There are variations--multiverse, alterverse,
> metaverse, etc. Or did I miss some large body of work that has been
> doing this for generations?

You're late to the party:

Michael Moorcock insists he's been using multiverse since the early 70s
(at least) and then there's the similarly-timed use of the term re:
Marvel (or is it DC) comics (though that may be from the 80s).

However, I haven't seen "verse" used by itself as a clipped form.

---Amy West

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