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> >
> > Not in OED in /any/ sense--ethnic slur, the (original?) functional
> > or "statuette" house accessory derived from it. Wiki has an odd
> > suggestion under Ethnic slurs:
> >

This statuette of which you speak -- is it what I think of as a "lawn

Other monkey stuff:

"Monkey see monkey do"  OED has 1920
_Philadelphia Inquirer_ 11/24/1895 p 6 col 4 [Genealogy Bank]
"A case of monkey see - monkey do."

Monkey ward (= "Montgomery Wards") OED has 1912
_Newcastle News-Journal_  6/9/1905  p 5 Col 5 [Newspaperarchive]
"Ask "Monkey-Ward" to Carry You for Ninety Days" [display advertisement
for competing store]

Monkey's fists 1928
_San Antonio Light_ 10/7/1917 p 20 col 4 [Newspaperarchive]
"The monkey fist knot is used frequently by telephone linemen in order
to give weight to the end of a rope which they desire to throw over a
string of wires."

Monkey stove 1894
Omaha World Herald 12/14/1890 p 16 [Newspaperarchive]
"$4.25 for this Monkey Stove" [full page display advertisement]
Classification: UNCLASSIFIED
Caveats: NONE

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