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Not to be confused with "unga bunga", either. I remember a kid in my Boy
Scout troop getting chewed out over saying "unga bunga!" as he chopped
firewood -- not sufficiently respectful and serious in working with
dangerous tools. "No more unga-bungary!" the assistant scoutmaster told him.


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> Seven million raw Google hits. CNN explains this as a highly advanced form
> of terpischorean art that combines belly-dancing with stripping "but is
> not
> supposed to be erotic" (if I heard that right).  Sylvio Burlusconi - rich,
> powerful, and 74 - is accused of having had an affair with 17-year-old
> bunga-bunga dancer.
> Not to be confused with "cowabunga" or "goona-goona."
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