tiger mothers

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Mon Jan 24 15:33:27 UTC 2011

How much of this has been prompted by the very recent book by Amy
Chua, "Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother"?  Her book was mentioned
(more authentically, promoted) by a "colleague" and fellow (Yale?)
professor in a NYTimes article Jan. 10 as about to come out, she had
an essay in the Wall Street Journal (I'm not surprised) before
Jan.10, she apparently was on a book tour in the U.S. last week, and
she is called a "Wimp" by David Brooks in the NYTimes on the 17th.

(CNN must have taken "wimp" from either Brooks or the book itself.)


At 1/24/2011 07:08 AM, Jonathan Lighter wrote:
>CNN discusses "kids who were raised by so-called 'tiger mothers.'"
>Tiger mothers live mostly in China. There are millions of them. They use
>very tough love to turn their kids into world-beating overachievers, unlike
>American mothers who use wimpy love to turn theirs into whining,
>talentless losers.
>How to Tell them Apart: tiger moms harass kids till they shape up; mama
>grizzlies protect them from socialism.
>148,000 hits for "tiger mother," 124,000 for "tiger mom," 5,000 for "tiger
>mommy."  Of course, most of these - esp. the last - refer to real tiger
>Some background here:
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