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On 1/25/11 12:04 AM, Automatic digest processor wrote:
> In the contest of the discussion, which is WRT the fact that he's been
> seeing another woman who's willing to polish his knob, whereas his
> girlfriend won't, "even though [she's] supposed to be [his] woman!"
> _get one's toes wet_
> clearly means
> "receive fellatio."
> Not in the UD, yet. But, of course, I didn't expect that it would be.

I don't know about that "clearly."

I'm reading "you got your toe's wet" as, you fooled around
superficially: using a swimming metaphor instead of a baseball metaphor
for how much he's violated their monogamous relationship.

What sexual intimacy exactly is going to count as "getting  your toes
wet" is going to vary, I think. You're right that the context is
significant, and because of that I'm thinking that the phrase is going
to signify different acts in different contexts.

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