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Tue Jan 25 14:25:21 UTC 2011

Colleagues, an administrator at UT has sent me the question below. I need
your help.
[She begins her query with a quotation from Wikipedia:] Krio is an
in many respects to Nigerian
Pidgin English<>and
Pidgin English<>,
but it has its own distinctive character. It is also similar to
English-based creole languages spoken in the Americas, especially the Gullah
Jamaican Patois<>(Jamaican
Creole), and Belizean
It also shares some linguistic similarities with non-English creoles, such
as the French-based creole languages in the Caribbean.
A student has asked to use this language as his foreign language.  He hopes
to get tested at an institution that teaches the dialect.  Would you
consider this a “foreign” language?

I just returned from Belize and listened to a lot of English Creole, and
while I couldn’t understand it very well, there were many phrases I easily
picked up.

What is your position?

Please advise.


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