inciting violence - syntax (was from "blood libel" to "pogrom")

Brian Hitchcock brianhi at SKECHERS.COM
Fri Jan 28 21:52:42 UTC 2011

As I read it, "racism, sexism, inciting violence, bigotry and Islamophobia"
does not necessarily accuse the Right of inciting bigotry and Islamophobia
as well as violence. I would assume that meaning only if I saw "racism,
sexism, AND inciting violence, bigotry and Islamophobia"

One way to make the sentence perfectly clear would be to repeat the "of"
before each term listed:    ". . . similar baseless charges of racism, of
sexism, of bigotry, of Islamophobia and of inciting violence against those
on the right . . . "
                (Not elegant, but clearer.)

As for clarifying that the "violence" spoken of was not "violence against
those on the right", you don't need to rearrange the list; one could simply
add a comma to separate the list from the phrase that follows it, and
further separate "violence" from "against" by a term that effectively refers
us back to "charges", thus:
". . . of inciting violence, LEVELED against those on the right . . . "

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