"uterus" an indecorous word? ("slut" in the news)

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Every period on the period? This was not a course, it was an obsession.

I remember overhearing this conversation between two teenage girls a number of years ago:

S1: Does Patty do it?
S2: Patty? That slanky slut is a H.

As the Marquee will have to say if Broadway starts to do early English plays, "Tis a Pity She's A H"!
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> Fanny Pack

A perfect example of the clear efficacy of U.S.-Style sex-"education."

Back in my day, the only exposure to anything approaching academic
instruction WRT sex was Hygiene 101, first semester, freshman year,
1954. The course covered in excruciatingly-boring detail the menstrual
cycle from beginning to end. And nothing else. That was the only clue
that the course was "sex-ed" and not about employees washing hands.

Had they had only what passed for sex-ed when *I* was their age, they
would have had to go with _corpus luteum_ as their clean, Latin

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