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Arnold Zwicky zwicky at STANFORD.EDU
Sat Jul 9 17:29:20 UTC 2011

On Jul 9, 2011, at 9:54 AM, Geoff Nunberg wrote:

> I first noticed this one in the Washington Times report of George W Bush's description of the NYT's Adam Clymer as a "major-league asshole," which inadvertently went over the mic at a campaign event in 2000:
> Mounting a stage in Naperville, Ill., Mr. Bush spied among those gathered a reporter for the New York Times whom he regards as hostile to his campaign and said to Mr. Cheney: "There's Adam Clymer - a major-league [deleted]," employing a vulgar euphemism for a rectal aperture.

a note on "euphemism" 'word for':


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