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Plenty of "libraried" hits, many with adjectival usage, although a large
fraction is clearly spurious. Still, 31K raw ghits is nothing to sneeze at.
One usage that appears to be common is "non-libraried rtesidents"--those
living in neighborhoods or towns that don't have their own library. That, of
course, is not a verb, but it does point to a third interpretation, in
addition to the other two I just mentioned.

Another citation is the title of a page "To Library or Not To Library" ( ). I suppose, one could interpret it as merely a
direction (dropping the respective articles), but that's not the way I read

UD has an odd entry for "librarying": "Verb: To go get a book from the
library. The same as borrowing." The interpretation is not odd--the
syntactic claim in the first part is. Here is another page involving


On Sun, Jul 10, 2011 at 5:01 PM, victor steinbok <aardvark66 at>wrote:

> There are two possible meanings--to research something in a library (like
> "to google") and to file something in a library (like "to catalog"). The
> latter may have some appearances in programming jargon (to create a library
> subroutine), but I have not researched this possibility yet.
> VS-)

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