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OED has adj. and one of the n. to 1848, but "ostentation" to 1933--MWOL only
lists it "from 1934". AHD4 only lists the Spanish  "fanfarrón" but not the
French--but it also includes "frou-frou" under etymology. Foofaraw pops up
multiple times in The Long Rifle (1932) and Ranchero (1933). Apparently,
Stewart Edward White was fond of the word.


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> Interesting coincidence with AZ observation--although, I must admit, this
> was a post I missed (it was the day before a travel day of a very busy
> week). Note that Google DOES suggest "Foofaraw" as the "proper"
> alternative.
> Still, no one else mentions this particular spelling...
> I'll shut up now...
> VS-)

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