"They was trying to hand me out a flyer."

Alice Faber faber at HASKINS.YALE.EDU
Mon Jul 11 16:44:37 UTC 2011

On 7/11/11 12:39 PM, Damien Hall wrote:
> What does this sentence mean?  By which I mean, in BrE it would be perfectly acceptable in a meaning like 'They were trying to hand me a handbill advertisement'.  But what was the strangeness that made you post it, Wilson?
> - The indirect object pronoun in the midst of a phrasal verb?
> - The use of 'flyer' to mean something it doesn't usually mean ('fly-ball'?)
> - The use of 'hand out' to mean 'pitch', if 'flyer' does in fact mean 'fly-ball'?
> I'm serious - you wouldn't have posted the sentence if it hadn't been somehow strange, but I honestly don't know what strangeness you meant!

I'm not Wilson (obviously), but the sequence "hand me out" sounds very
odd to me. (Both "hand out flyers", with no dative, and "hand me flyers"
would be fine.)

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