"carmageddon" -- word of the weekend?

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L.A.'s "north side" is the San Fernando Valley. The "south side" is South
Central. It's "East L.A.," not "the east side." And the Westside is always
one word (_pace_ the New York Times).

Angelenos always use "the" in front of freeway numbers; the rest of the
state doesn't. Yes, it's technically I-405, but no one in L.A. acknowledges
the interstate. It's always "the 405," "the 110," etc.

More on Carmageddon and L.A. shibboleths: http://bit.ly/pmC5Cg



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At 7/13/2011 08:02 PM, Laurence Horn wrote:
>On Jul 13, 2011, at 7:36 PM, Joel S. Berson wrote:
> > Closure of I405 in Los Angeles from Friday night July 15 through 5:00
> > a.m. Monday July 18.
>Make that "the 405", as correctly conveyed an hour ago on ABC's World News

Isn't it "also" Interstate 405?  It is so labelled on
(and I'm not familiar with West Coast dialect).

>(which included the info that Jet Blue had offered flights from one
>side of LA to the other for, I believe, $4--all immediately sold out of

Does that mean that LA has a North Side and a South Side?  Do they
have rumbles on Nov. 5?  This year will they burn effigies of Arnold
having a letter A on his outermost garment in a contrary color?


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