After Discovery, State Quietly Moves to Purge N-word From Official Documents

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Wilson, I hate to break this to you, but "Dago Hill" had died out in polite
society by the time we moved to St. Louis in 1976.  My daughter, 28, who
lives in the area (O'Fallon, now) says she never hears it.
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..."Colored Road" is, perhaps, a way of skirting the issue. "Nig Lane" in
Lufkin, TX, AFAIK, still has its original name. There's "Germantown,"
IL, an exurb of Saint Louis, birthplace of MLB Hall-of-Famer, Albert
"Red" Schoendienst of the Cardinals. And Dago Hill in StL, Laurence
"Yogi" Berra's old 'hood. "Jew's harp"? (Some folks call it a "juice
harp.") "Wandering Jew," the houseplant? The surname, "Jewett"?
"Jewel"? "Jujubes"? "Juba dance"? "Juba to Jive"?

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